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You have to start somewhere.

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That hair is simple, but great.

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Gyaru-O update —>  伊達ワル

Along with the popularity of the Neo Gyaru which mixes styles from Shibuya and Harajuku in women’s fashion, the fashionable men’s Gyaru-O style which infuses elements of Harajuku’s male hairstylist fashion and mode fashion has been increasing. 
This style features combinations of prominent colors over a basic monotone base with layered tight-fit clothing. Hairstyles have become more adult compared to the previous wolf-like hairstyles but the coloring and layering has become elaborate. There are a great number of styles which give off a Visual-Kei vibe.
This kind of style involving good-looking men with a bad side has been put out in the past by the men’s fashion magazine Men’s Knuckle under the name Date Waru.


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Koi fish sleeve tattoo by Rohan Begolo


Koi fish sleeve tattoo by Rohan Begolo

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