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Anonymous said: Have you ever once thought about being intimate with a ghoul?

Never really crossed my mind. I have never gone passed the thought of “She’s beautiful.”

Heh. I kind of wish I liked the idea. All of the ghouls I know are sweet to me.

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Anonymous said: You're an honest and upfront guy and I appreciate and admire that about you.

At least someone does.

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Anonymous said: Jusy cause you have an opinion that does not make it the truth. Try and respect others opinions instead of imposing yours and maybe you will make some friends.

Please, could you just leave me alone for a little while?

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Anonymous said: Since most your anons seem to be against what your friends are saying, let me be the anon that actually agrees with them. You've done nothing wrong. You're allowed to have your opinion and speak it up, and your 'friend' is truly foolish if he can't seem to at least respect it even if he doesn't agree with it, instead of making you feel bad for it which isn't cool at all.

I can’t just shut it off. I’d love to be able to do that. I think I need to just-

I don’t know.

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casual-graffiti said: Hey man it's me Kuchino, What's going lately? I've been seeing messages float back and forth that are some heavy vibes. Are you going to be ok? I've been seeing people bag on you a lot too and I wanted to know if you needed anyone to talk to somewhere to get away from it all. I know we don't talk much and don't really hang but if you need some help, I'll be here for you.

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Anonymous said: Haha you want everyone to lick your shoes by being a crappy friend and a manipulative noisy little bitch? No wonder nobody will ever love your sorry ass.



I try so hard to be friendly without compromising them by enchantment. And every time its the same. Every fucking time.

This anon needs to step off. You are far from manipulative or noisy. And last I checked, telling your friends the truth and giving them your honest opinion and observations was not what makes a bad friend. You’ve done nothing wrong. I know we haven’t talked much, but if you need someone to just hang with and get away from everything, let me know.

I wish he’d see it that way.

But, yeah. Sounds good. I need the distraction.

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amorapinkbeetle said: Heya, I don't really know you.. but them anons your getting are way out of line. I don't know whats going on, but.. If you ever need someone to talk to, or if you ever wanna hang out, just let me know, okay? <3

Ha. Be careful. Apparently I’ll treat you like garbage and trample over your feelings.

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